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We are ShiftCoding. This is what we do:


Web & UI Design

In the design stage we move our Clients work from higher level definitions into detailed ‘blue prints’ for building. This typically covers the detailed technical, system and site design, but will also include details on all peripheral or supporting requirements such as publishing infrastructure, support processes, hosting needs and business processes required to support the operational management of the site(s).

Web Development

We follow a simple, but highly effective ‘4D’s’ approach to deliver you a world class web presence. This process is designed to ensure we immerse ourselves in the needs, drivers, goals and objectives of this project, whilst offering a unique balance of delivery speed and quality output through the ‘Development’ phase through the adoption of the RAD methodology. This approach is applied to differing degrees depending on Client and project needs.

iOS, OSX, Android and Windows Development

The traditional software development cycle follows a rigid, linear sequence of steps with a formal sign-off at the completion of each before the next can commence. We recognize that today, business moves faster, and our Clients tend to require flexibility over the course of a project’s development. They expect the development team to adapt to their needs and modify the structure of an application quickly.


Some of our more recent works


ShiftCoding’s approach to software development in essence it looks like this:

    • You contact us with a request for quote, and give us as many details as possible (in written form) about the project.
    • We read it thoroughly, determine the time and resources needed, calculate the rough timeline and the cost of development and submit a rough quote for your review.
    • If the quote is ok, you deposit 50% of the total of the project to ShiftCoding at the time we sign the development contract. Note that it will not be a detailed plan nor quote for the project execution – if you need it we have to talk money before we spend time on detailed planning.
    • We design, develop, test and deploy in the agreed timeframe. Your job is to sit back, relax, check milestone reports and make payments as agreed in the development contract.



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